About Muay Thai Mall

David Armstrong 1988 – 2018 (Founder of Muay Thai Mall)

Muay Thai Mall was founded in 2013 by David Armstrong.  David moved from Sydney Australia to Bangkok Thailand. Being a Muay Thai fighter himself, he soon realised that there was a need for a Muay Thai gear supplier that ships quality fighting products to those practising this fine art in different corners of the world.

David spent many hours sourcing the best quality and authentic gear from Thailand’s premier Muay Thai product suppliers. He negotiated the best prices from all the factories with the purpose of supplying top rated Muay Thai products to those who love the sport as much as he did.

David continued building the world’s best online shop for Muay Thai gear. The Muay Thai Mall website was David’s pride and joy. David spent countless hours improving the user’s experience and providing Muay Thai Mall’s clients with the best products available. David saw Muay Thai Mall website grow from strength to strength and soon opened the Muay Thai Mall shop in Suthisan Bangkok.

David sadly passed away in July 2018. Those clients who met him at the shop or ordered online will remember him as a friendly guy who provided them with the best Muay Thai products and always walked the extra mile to see that their individual needs were met.

Those of us who had the pleasure of working with David will always remember him as a friend who cared about those around him. At Muay Thai Mall we strive to honour his legacy in providing good quality Muay Thai products, just as he would have.